Weekly “Roundup”, Week 16: On Privacy, Joplin, iota, ReasonML 🕶

Today’s Challenge: Find the end of this city

cmd, Github, Checklists, India, Random, Words

stacks-cli, :bar_chart: Analyze website stack from the terminal :computer:

promptui, Interactive prompt for command-line applications

*privacy not included

VR/AR prototyping for everyone

Neither Google nor Facebook: An Israeli startup is bringing India’s small businesses online

Joplin, a note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities. Open Source.

Why 90’s kids are cool

Google Missed Out on China. Can It Flourish in India?

rtv, browse Reddit from your terminal, which is pretty cool from my opinion.

52 things I learned in 2017

Plunge Into a (Virtual Reality) Black Hole

1,300 free online courses from top universities.

On the Front-End

A Front End Developer’s Guide to GraphQL

Chota, A micro (<3kb) CSS framework.

A Pinterest Progressive Web App Performance Case Study

iota, responsive micro-framework for the grid spec powered by CSS custom properties

lit-html, HTML template literals in JavaScript.

Starting with webpack from scratch

Best practices for site search design

23 Minutes of Work for Better Font Loading

sass-extract, Extract structured variables from sass files

The Front-End Checklist


It’s Not Always AI That Sifts Through Your Sensitive Info

How Kubernetes Deployments Work

mlhelper, Algorithms and utils for Machine Learning in JavaScript.

What is ReasonML?, Facebook’s new programming language

Five use cases of Artificial Intelligence for the next decade

turicreate, simplifies the development of custom machine learning models.

deep-image-prior, image restoration with neural networks but without learning.

Design improves lives

A Big List of Typography Books

Pens, Process, Product — Sketching for UX

How to conduct competitor research that’s actually useful for building products

Designed Redundancies: UX Patterns To Unblock Frustration…And Save Lives.

10 UX Design Predictions For 2018

How to Export Sketch to HTML

“Who is that?” - everyone watching YouTube rewind











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