Weekly “Roundup”, Week 19: Thank You for 2017!

If you have ever read any of our Weekly Roundup’s, Sudo vs Root, silly Facebook updates or even our Google+ posts in 2017, Thank You!

If you have seen us in any of the meetups, visited us at our office or even interacted with us on any of our instant messaging platforms in 2017, Thank You!

All the fans, haters, inspirers and all the people who have improved us in 2017, Thank You!

We are immensely grateful that you have accompanied us for this journey and we would absolutely love if you could come with us in 2018. 2018 would be a year of relevance and doing what is truly huge for our customers.

We certainly hope that you enjoy the holidays with your family, friends and loved ones, and we hope you have a happy and successful New Year!

-/ Team Skcript

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