Weekly “Roundup”, Week 36: Blockchain is dying already?, Old Mac OS, 2018 FrontEnd Dev Handbook ⛓

“Hey guys, did you hear about this obscure technology called ‘Blockchain’ that is up and coming now? Like literally no one knows about it right now! I’m gonna build Blockchain application now and make billons soon.” — Someone in 2016

But almost no one succeeded in making a monetizable blockchain application yet and Gartner says — “More than three quarters (77%) of CIOs surveyed said their organisation has no interest in the (blockchain) technology and/or no action planned to investigate or develop it”

Well okay, we’ll see where blockchain is going, but for now I’m gonna consider myself a ‘BLOCKCHAIN ENTHUSIAST’ from now on, so that’s cool.



Is Privacy still cool?

Fking Blockchain



See ya,

Praveen Juge
Self-titled Blockchain Enthusiast