Weekly “Roundup”, Week 4: Apple Keynote, State of the Web, Design for iPhone X and much more 👊

Hey boys and girls how is it going, this week was extremely hard work for all of us here but it was seriously worth it (Look out for the Big Announcement from us sometime in the next Week.) We renovated our office, saw the apple event with rapt attention and working on some great new products.

But we learned a lot too, some of which are below,

This Week’s Announcements

Apple Unveiled Everything!
And the parodies comes with it.

Sublime Text 3.0 is here now!

Stride, An gorgeous looking Slack Competitor.

Xiaomi’s stunning Mi Mix gets a sequel, the Mi Mix 2

Trello’s desktop app for Mac and Windows, which no one asked for.

Ship, A toolkit for makers to ship awesome products by Product Hunt.

Video: SpaceX’s Blooper Reel

And Pixel 2 is coming,
Video: Funny you should ask…

Solid Advice

For the love of God, please tell me what your company does.

You are not ‘behind’.

Look elsewhere, Don’t stare at your industry. Look in the opposite direction.

Lazy creative

Manager Checklist, that helps the manager in any type of projects with a team.

Interviews, Your personal guide to Software Engineering technical interviews.

12 cool things you can do with GitHub

Ideo Studied Innovation In 100+ Companies–Here’s What It Found


NGINX Unit. The application server that speaks your language.

Switching Your Site to HTTPS on a Shoestring Budget

AWS Security Best Practices


Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools

Getting Started with React: A Beginner’s Guide

Why You Should Avoid Vue.js DOM Templates

The State of the Web, a guide to impactful performance improvements.

A React And Preact Progressive Web App Performance Case Study: Treebo

Styling in React: From External CSS to Styled Components

SVG Patterns in React - Build a Twitter Wall

subfont, a command line tool to statically analyse your page in order to generate the most optimal web font subsets, then inject them into your page.

Lazy async SVG rasterisation

Rythm.js, a javascript library that makes your page dance.

The Ultimate Guide to Web Fonts

And don’t forget to Remove Unused CSS Rules.

Back-End and Programming

What every software engineer should know about search

Takeoff, a rapid development environment designed for hack days.

Botkit, Build your own Chatbots and chat enabled applications.

Do you put anything in your code specifically for “Find in Project”?

awesome-coins, a guide (for humans!) to cryto-currencies and their Algorithms.

AI :radioactive:

onnx, Open Neural Network Exchange.

AI can guess whether you’re gay or straight, An algorithm deduced the sexuality of people on a dating site with up to 91% accuracy, raising tricky ethical questions.

Parla, AI based Language Training.

Awesome-AI-Security, a curated list of AI security resources inspired by awesome-adversarial-machine-learning & awesome-ml-for-cybersecurity.

So you wanna be a designer?

Words and the design process, Great content goes with great design.

Mastering the Power of Nothing, How to use whitespace in user interface design

A Unified Theory for Designing Just About Anything

Video: Learn How to Design - Designer vs. Developer

The teapot model, how to explain a fuzzy design process to anxious clients.

Building a design system for HealthCare.gov

Design Resource Sites, list of some high quality design resources sites.

What will the design industry look like in 2022?

Designing for iPhone X


See you next week! :vulcan_salute: Live long and Prosper!