Weekly “Roundup”, Week 5: iPhone's Speed, React is MIT, Debugging with Node.js, PWA'ing your site 🤔

Hello guys, welcome back to our roundup where, let’s face it, you just read the title of these links and never clicked on anything. So I decided to add pictures of the articles to some of the links to spark some interest, let’s see how that works.

And here we are, in the fifth week of our weekly round up, that means we’ve completed a whole month of these. and it’s been fun to make these and I love all your reviews and feedback so keep them coming, and enjoy this week’s edition of the weekly roundup!

News and Resources

iPhone 8 Is World’s Fastest Phone (It’s Not Even Close)

Interview: Apple’s Craig Federighi answers some burning questions about Face ID


Sideways dictionary, it’s like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions.


The roundups inception: Roundups, curated collection of newsletters and roundups for designers.


The anatomy of a Bootstrap dashboard that earns $1,000s each month.

Video: Why Apple Needs Samsung

25 Tested Web Tools & Services for 2017

src2png, turn your source code into beautiful syntax-highlighted images.

Timber, is a tool to improve logging to solve problems faster.

And finally REACT is… wait for it… MIT!



Modern JavaScript cheatsheet, Cheatsheet for the JavaScript knowledge you will frequently encounter in modern projects.


Alloy, a boilerplate for creating web applications in Go.


How to turn your website into a PWA.

Building Inclusive Toggle Buttons

How to Organize a Large React Application and Make It Scale

Quick Video Course: Running a performance profile on the YouTube search box

The All-New Guide to CSS Support in Email

“(Apple iPhone X’s)The Notch” and CSS

How New Font Technologies Will Improve The Web

Back-End and Programming


What every software engineer should know about search.

Visualize your Google Location History using an interactive heatmap

Video: Debugging in 2017 with Node.js

Making Your First API Call with HelloSign

On-Demand Environments With Docker and AWS ECS

AI :woman_technologist:


A mindmap summarising machine learning concepts, from data analysis to deep learning.

Starspace, learning embeddings for classification, retrieval and ranking.

The rise of AI is sparking an international arms race

AI Research Is in Desperate Need of an Ethical Watchdog

Videos we loved :heart:









Optical Effects in User Interfaces (for True Nerds)

Designing for Human Attention

Button Design Over the Years – The Dribbble Timeline

Material Design Awards 2017

Inside a Design Sprint Workshop at Google

Don’t Be Afraid of the Ugly

Announcing In Depth Podcast

i’m just wondering how hard running a podcast could be? :thinking: