Weekly “Roundup”, Week 7: Google Pixel, FireStore, PHP 7.2, CSS Grids and SVG, Dropbox Design and much more 😱

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Hey there, welcome back to the world’s most beloved tech roundup (in probably 10 years). This week had loads of releases and news in the tech world, it was so much that for the first time I had to leave some of news out so that it won’t be too much. So, enjoy this week’s somewhat long roundup!

Resources and Releases

Everything Google announced at its grand Pixel event

Stripe Elements, Build beautiful, smart checkout flows

Essential Image Optimization, an eBook for image compression by Addy Osmani

Dropbox.Design, Funky.

Apple has become really bad at design

Instagram Stories mimics Polly with new polls

Station, a single place for all of your work applications.

Using DevTools to Sidestep Obnoxious Websites

Logo Crunch, A multi-resolution logo maker.

Draggable JS, a lightweight, responsive, modern drag & drop library.

FireStore Released!
Getting Started with Cloud Firestore in 5 Minutes

Here’s how to send Slack notifications using Firebase Cloud Functions and FireStore


The death of “front-end developers”

The 100% correct way to structure a React app (or why there’s no such thing)

Introduction to CSS Grid Layout

Videos: Building UI At Enterprise Scale With Web Components

Web truths: CSS is not real programming

Kind of Apps you can build with React Native

CSS font-display: The Future of Font Rendering on the Web

Getting Started with Website Accessibility

Integrating SVG into your site

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Secure HTML Forms

A.I, Back-End, Programming, Dev-Ops - All in One

serpent.ai, Open Source Python Game Agent Framework

10 Cool SQL Optimisations That do not Depend on the Cost Model

Ethereum’s Development Roadmap – Metropolis

REST versus GraphQL

How Docker can improve your development environments.

What Did I Learn After Going Eighteen Months Without Rails

franchise, an open-source notebook for sql

What’s New in PHP 7.2

Higher-Order Components (HOCs) for Beginners

Teachable Machine, Teach a machine using your camera, live in the browser.


Designers Aren’t Prepared To Make AI–Here’s How To Get Ready

Photon Design System

More padding, please! The power of white space in product design.

How Not to Screw Up Your Creative Mojo

How Dropbox Onboards New Users, Excellent Onboarding Procedures

Designing for iPhone X

Moving From Graphic Design to UX Design: The Complete Guide to Career Change

5 Min Advice

Unsolicited Career Advice for Tech Marketers

Making Remote Work: Behind the Scenes at Stack Overflow

Churn, the single metric that determines the success of your subscription service.

How to Get Your Writing Done When You’re Busy All the Time

How I became a morning person (and why I decided to make the change)

The brutally honest question every CEO must answer.

How I got to 200 productive hours a month

No videos this week because of the loads of other news that got released but don’t worry, I will overcompensate for this next week.

Have a Good Day!


Weekly “Roundup”, Week 8: Back to 1990’s, Bitcoin passed $5000, Sins of AI and much more!😁
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