Weekly “Roundup”, Week 8: Back to 1990’s, Bitcoin passed $5000, Sins of AI and much more!😁

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So, about the cover image, don’t ask about it.

1990’s, Teams, Programmers and Engineering :zap:

Bitcoin just passed $5,000

on the same topic, Satoshi was wrong

Building Your Core Accessibility Team in 5 Steps

Meet Min, the fastest browser you will ever use

The Novice Guide to Connecting PHP to Discord Using Webhooks

How to think like a programmer

How we improved our engineering estimates by 1082%

The Coming Software Apocalypse

Artificial Intelligence is the future :radioactive:

The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Predictions

How to Win at Deep Learning

Operating a Kubernetes network

Building a Neural Net from Scratch in Go

AI Will Put 10 Million Jobs At High Risk, More Than Were Eliminated By The Great Recession

We Almost Gave Up On Building Artificial Brains

Front-End :rainbow:


The average web page is 3MB. How much should we care?

Supercharging Frontend Development with VS Code

The whole web at maximum FPS, How WebRender gets rid of jank

Building a Progress Ring, Quickly

A Look at Bootstrap 4’s New Reset: Reboot.css

react-static, a progressive static-site framework for React.

Tabbed Interfaces


Setting up Webpack, Babel and React from scratch, revisited.


The many faces of this in javascript

Rebuilding slack.com, a redesign powered by CSS Grid and optimized for performance and accessibility.

How to Draw Your Face in CSS, bit of fun in pure CSS

Sass 3.5 is Released


(S)CSS Best Practices That You Have Not Yet Known


20 Best New Portfolio Sites, October 2017

Design :framed_picture:


Color, psychology and design.

Splitwise, a UX case study.

How to Stay Creative, in a world overflowing with distractions…

Gamification Mechanics in UX, Smart User Journey

Design for emotions, the sadly overlooked practice for happy users

Introducing Libraries and Smooth Corners in Sketch 47

UX for Lizard Brains

Design Systems are for People

On Designing Dashboards, selected resources on designing dashboards.

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be a Successful UX Designer

Why Whatsapp’s design makes it the best instant messenger

VIDEOS 4 LYF :video_camera:

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Weekly “Roundup”, Week 9: Game Clones, Krack Attacks, DevDocs, Ghost Buttons, Ember.js 💚
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