Weekly “Roundup”, Week 9: Game Clones, Krack Attacks, DevDocs, Ghost Buttons, Ember.js 💚


Resources Resources Resources :love_you_gesture:

Time for a refresh: meet the new Google Calendar for web


Froala Design Blocks, bootstrapped design blocks.

Uber Sign Language, learn sign language easily

Google Pixel 2 Review, Plainly Great


A curated list of open source game clones.

Make Product Decisions Without Doubt, My Lessons from Twitter and Slack

Get to grips with accessible web typography

Scheduling Just 15 Minutes of “Personal Development Time” Into Your Calendar Can Change Your Life

How to set up world-class continuous deployment using free hosted tools

Contrast, a macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios.

Front-End :performing_arts:

What’s new in Chrome 62?

The Argument for AMP: Lessons from 10 Case Studies

Automate Your Development Workflow With GulpJS

Let There Be Peace on CSS, the ongoing war of CSS.

6 myths of Progressive Web Apps

Building a Progress Ring, Quickly

Smooth Scrollbar, Customizable, Pluginable, and High Performance Scrollbars!

Ember.js: The Perfect Framework for Web Applications

mastering-modular-javascript, module thinking, principles, design patterns and best practices.

Naming Things In CSS Grid Layout

Hardcore Coder :keyboard:

KRACK attack, Serious flaw in WPA2 protocol lets attackers intercept passwords and much more.
And here’s the companies that have already fixed it

Fusio Project, an open source API management platform.


HTTPie, modern command line HTTP client.

What you need to know about environment variables with PHP

Google Has Made a Mess of Robotics


The Python graph gallery, a website that displays hundreds of charts.

Hey Siri: An On-device DNN-powered Voice Trigger for Apple’s Personal Assistant

Colorizing B&W Photos with Neural Networks


Alice in Python projectland.

Spotify’s Discover Weekly, How machine learning finds your new music.

Why Does The “Crypto” In “Cryptocurrency” Matter?


How open source licenses work and how to add them to your projects.

Docker gives into inevitable and offers native Kubernetes support

Artificial Intelligence Learns to Learn Entirely on Its Own


DevDocs, multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.

The Art of Comments

Design :black_joker:

Fantasy vs. reality, design lessons learned on the job

Design Beyond a Screen, A Primer for VR, AR and the Multiverse

Mastering the Sketch Vector Tool


Hyperpixel, best landing pages for inspiration.

Ghost Buttons

Google is really good at design, the nerds have finally figured it out.

Using psychology to design your product

Videos :iphone:







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