What are Neural Networks in Artificial Intelligence?

What are neural networks? What are the basic concepts of them? What are the practical applications of them?

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Neural Network in artificial intelligence is kind of technology used in complex signal processing and pattern recognition problems while training an AI model with deep learning training data. A neural network involves the raw information just like human visual processing and each successive level receives the output from the tier preceding it rather than from the raw input similarly neurons further form optic nerve gets the signals from those closer to it. The last level make the output of the system.

Neural networks also called artificial neural networks are a variety of deep learning technology, which also falls under the umbrella of artificial intelligence, or AI. Commercial applications of these technologies generally focus on solving complex signal processing or pattern recognition problems.

There are dendrites that receive inputs. Based on these inputs, they produce an output through an axon to another neuron. For more you can also check this link: http://pythonandmltrainingcourses.com/courses/best-artificial-intelligence-training-in-noida/