What are some blockchain business usecases really getting mass in 2019?




Blockchain permitting digital data to be distributed however not derived, blockchain technology created the backbone of a replacement kind of net. Originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, the technical school community has currently found different potential uses for the technology.

Blockchain are often represented as an information structure that holds transactional records and whereas making certain security, transparency, and decentralization. You’ll be able to conjointly consider it as a sequence or records keep within the styles of blocks that square measure controlled by no single authority. A blockchain could be a distributed ledger that’s fully receptive any and everybody on the network. Once associate degree data is kept on a blockchain, it’s very troublesome to alter or alter it.

Benefits of blockchain technology:


Peer-to-Peer Network



Uses cases:

Pharmaceuticals : Blockchain technology offers a replacement thanks to strengthen the method by storing the parameters associate degreed delivering an auditable path of production and cargo with automatic choices. blockchain and care square measure connected and may move. This technology is additionally used for file transferring in clinical trials creation and maintenance of patient’s knowledge and pharmaceutical history storage of the blockchain network with patients, physicians, and payers with the any determination of good Contracts, so avoiding intercession.

Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT being the most important affiliation revolves around security problems. Blockchain, and also the combination of cryptological processes behind it, offers associate degree intriguing different. as a result of blockchain is made for suburbanized management, a security theme supported it ought to be additional climbable than a standard one.

Real Estate:

• Transparency inside agreements

• Verify property data, update and alter records

• Reduce work, alter transactional processes

• Record, track, transfer land titles


• Track truthful, full history of auto from pre-production to sale.

• Supply chain components management.

Government and selection:

• Reduce elector fraud, inefficiencies with verifiable audit trails

• Minimize government fraud, alter most processes

• Increase responsibility and compliance for state officers

• Minimize government fraud, alter most processes

• Identity validation; integrity of national written record knowledge

Transportation : Transportation use blockchain to create payments easier between the parties, coin that could have very low transactional fees.

The only advantage of implementing blockchain for transportation would be to possess no transactional fees, once the Lightning network are going to be totally adopted by the bitcoin blockchain, wherever all the payments are going to be created off-chain with little to no prices.


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