What are some of the best feedback board tools for my product?

I am looking for a feature voting tool for my product. I was searching for the best tool which has the following features:

  1. Feedback boards;
  2. Ability to publish roadmap;
  3. Create changelog for new features and improvements;

List of customer feedback boards for your product:

Here are some of the tools I found to be useful:

  1. Hellonext - https://hellonext.co
  2. Canny - https://canny.io
  3. Featureupvote - https://featureupvote.com
  4. Productboard - https://productboard.com
  5. Nolt - https://nolt.io

While every other app tracks user data, Hellonext seems to be the best feature voting tool in the market with GDPR compliance and zero tracking policy.