What are some of the essential characteristics of a good designer?


(Karthik Kamalakannan) #1

Designer (trained or self-taught) needs practice. And shooting in the dark is bad. Are there any principles or characteristics of a good designer that you can highlight?

(Swetha Suresh) #2

Every Designer must embrace change. A good change might contribute to a better product and a bad change to the learning curve.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #3

Here’s my list:

  1. Look at something and wonder why it was made that way. Everything that’s around you has a reason. Know what that reason is.
  2. Design is more than just colors, and pixels. It’s problem solving.
  3. Design for your parents. Not for yourself. It’s never selfish.
  4. Get inspired by great designs. Try to make them better. Credit the designer.
  5. Read. Read and Read. Stay calm and listen to what people say about design. Think through. And analyze what can be done better.
  6. Work on em. Every damn day. Push yourself to make it perfect. Roll up your sleeves and work on your product. Over and Over again.
  7. Talk about your design. The more you talk/explain about why you designed that way, the more clarity you get.
  8. Concentrate on the aesthetics of your product.
  9. Have a healthy disrespect for design rules. Go out of the road into those rough waters. Try something new, and tell the world what you learnt.
  10. Extend beyond your horizon. Don’t just be stitched to one single product. Think about how these things could shape up in the future. Write them down.

(Vishnu) #4

A Good designer is one who’s design

  1. Should be a Human focused one.
  2. Should accept the fact that “Change is inevitable”.
  3. Should never change the basic design patterns unless it is highly unavoidable.
  4. Should be open for any suggestions from pier workers or from the customers.
  5. Should accept the fact that “The design you love is not necessarily loved by other”, You cannot satisfy every audience out there.
  6. Learning is the key, Don’t stop. (Stay Hungry and stay foolish)
  7. User Experience should be flawless.
  8. Putting time and effort for designing an Empty state.
  9. Passionate about the Work.
  10. Should understand the fact that “Every new project is a new learning”.
  11. Most importantly Believe in yourself.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #5

This is probably the best list I’ve ever read. :clap: Thanks for sharing @ArchitectUX

(Hareessh) #6
  • Focus. Working on one thing at a time will prevent distractions, while making you more productive.
  • Communication is key. Before sending over the design work to the client, it’s better to clearly tell what has been completed and what isn’t. This’ll help to build trust and rapport with your client.
  • Embracing failure. We fail only when we try something new, which is a great way to learn and improve our skills.
  • Having a hobby. It’ll help flex your creative muscle, remove mind blocks and finally, it’s always good to have a social life outside work.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #7

This is great advice. I think I should start trying this one out. Thanks for sharing @Hareessh