What are some of the mistakes that you think designers make?


(Karthik Kamalakannan) #1

If you are a new designer, learning something new everyday, this is going to be important. @swetha & @Hareessh, what do you think are some of the mistakes that new designers make when designing products, websites or apps?

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #2

I might have some thought about this. Here are some of the most expensive mistakes people make when they’re starting out in their design studio:

1. Typography; this is probably the most expensive mistake a designer makes. Choosing the right font for the right use is crucial. The best place to get started with choosing the combination is Google Fonts.

2. Spacing; whitespaces. This makes all the difference when it comes to user experience. Providing proper whitespace between elements changes the way people experience your product/platform.

4. Choosing the right image; choosing the right image and not going for a cheap solution is essential. We live in a world where Snapchat and other social media tools encourage people to use real-life content and not stock/edited pictures. Using a platform like Unsplash.com or pexels.com makes a huge difference.

5. line-height & letter-spacing; I have struggled with this a lot in my early career. Understanding the right spacing for each and every letter and between the paragraphs reflects directly about your thinking about design. Medium.com probably has the best letter-spacing and line-spacing ever.