What is the fastest static site generator so far?

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #1

I’ve tried a lot of front-end framework for generating static websites, but I haven’t really hit the sweet spot yet.

What do you think is the fastest static site generator that’s currently available? Can you back your answer with data like load time, render time and live update times?

Would be great if you an focus on the following:

  1. http://middlemanapp.com
  2. https://mozilla.github.io/nunjucks/
  3. https://gohugo.io

(Praveen Juge) #2

Hugo is the fastest site generator that I have ever seen. It renders a single page in a fraction of second. And middleman is the second fastest site generator but it’s more worth it because of it’s extensions.

You can learn more about that using middleman here -

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #3

This really helps. Thanks for the help @praveenjuge :slight_smile:

(Jeeva K) #4

Jekyll and Hugo are the best from what I’ve heard :slightly_smiling_face: