What role does AI have in product engineering?

AI-enabled services always equip the enterprises to reach out to the customers timely and deliver the service at their doorstep when they want. The progress in all quadrants is happening at lightning speed. Some of the new features would blow our minds.

Apart from this, there are some ground-breaking, out of the box thinking as well. Recently I came across a video. A famous shoemaker using AI-enabled mobile applications to solve most of their online purchase returns. While making a purchase they ask customers to scan their feet, and the application automatically selects the size for them. Not just that, a twitter feed has shown an octopus inspired robotics tentacles. It can do all the functions that a human hand can do.

AI and related technologies will prove to be a great help to mitigate business risks. I came across an informative article which talks about the implementation of AI in business

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