When to use Hyperledger Fabric & When to use Hyperledger Sawtooth

A lot of our clients ask us this question of whether we should be using Hyperledger Sawtooth or Fabric for our implementation. Even though they both are permissioned blockchain, built with industry level grade, and open source, we’ve a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right one. I’ve tried to make the judgement as generic as possible here.

  1. Network Size
    If you’re building an small scale network with pre defined set of participants or the nodes I strongly suggest you to go with Fabric as it works beautifully for small scale networks. But if you network is more than 20 nodes or higher go with Sawtooth as it provides better performance for such cases.

  2. Scalability
    If you’re looking to add nodes to the system dynamically, sawtooth is much better in that case than fabric. Because in fabric adding a new node is extremely complex compared to sawtooth.

  3. Speed of Transactions.
    When it comes to speed of transactions, Fabric is better in lot cases when the network is smaller and number of endorsers are lesser.
    Sawtooth is comparatively slow but at the same time it maintains the same speed for large scale network as well.

These are few points according to our experience. If you know some more points, please add your comments here to have much more rich engagement on this topic.

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