Where to buy ready-made blockchain inventory management system?

Is there any place where I can buy a ready-made blockchain based inventory management system? I would like to go live as soon as possible since all the peers are already available for me to sign-up to the platform.

The blockchain based inventory management template has to have features:

  1. Track and trace system for inventory items
  2. Integrate with existing inventory management system to import inventory items
  3. REST API for integrating with other business applications in the company
  4. Ability to visualize the inventory movement from one party to the other
  5. Easy to customize user interface to suit the brand of the company

Yes, we’ve a marketplace called the Brix Store for it. Here you can purchase smart contracts and other client applications for permissioned blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric & Sawtooth.

You can check it out here : https://www.thebrixstore.com/

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