Which Design Challenge would you like to solve in your city?


(Sankriti Krishnan) #1
  • Streamlining Traffic flow
  • Water crisis
  • Sorting power stations / Electrical or Internet lines
  • Improving the Metro Station Experience
  • Parking at theaters
  • Improving Bus / Cab Pick-up spots

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(Karthik Kamalakannan) #2

(Praveen Juge) #3

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #4

Whoa, this is brilliant. This can also be on the poll questions.

@sankay: Can you add this as a voting option?

(Sankriti Krishnan) #5

This has already been included as a voting option - Sorting power stations / electrical or internet lines seems the closest fit.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #6

Perfect. :+1: Thanks for the update Sankriti. :slight_smile:

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #7

Found this interesting post on Reddit now:

(Sankriti Krishnan) #8

This seems interesting! Since it also keeps the people informed, it’ll work really well in a lot of cities.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #9

I agree. This is like the most wanted change in Chennai at least.

(Sankriti Krishnan) #10

I couldn’t agree more. I think that a lot more cities would like to see this particular change.