Why is Git not considered a “block chain”?

(Celin Yana) #1

noticed when the saved hash and the actual hash deviate. How is this concept different from block chain? Git is not listed as an example of block chains, but at least in summaries, both data … structure descriptions look alike: data block, single direction reverse linking, hashes, …). So where is the difference, that Git isn’t called a block chain? …

Any help here is appreciated…

(Varun Raj) #2

Hello @celin_yana

Actually this is an very interesting topic, The reason why Git is not blockchain is that,

  • In Git the data is not driven with help smart contracts.
  • Git is not necessarily running in multiple servers as it’s not a distributed system
  • Git is reversible, you can update the history by amending commits.
  • Git is not following any consensus mechanisms.

(Robert Laidlaw ) #3

Had the same question in my mind, thanks for the answer varun! Really helpful.